Respite Care Services

Peace of mind for your family

Do you care for a sick or elderly relative at home? Are you on call 24 hours a day? Has it been a long time since you took time off to have lunch with a friend, take a vacation, or simply relax?

If so, then you may be interested to know that Orchard Park Health and Rehabilitation Center offers a respite care program for families like yours. Respite care allows your elderly or disabled family member to spend time in a caring, comfortable environment staffed by health care professionals 24 hours a day. He or she will receive assistance with daily living activities, nutritious meals, and, if appropriate, opportunities for recreational activities.


All regular medications will be administered and supervised by our skilled nursing staff. And because we are experts in geriatric care, Alzheimer's and heart disease, you can feel confident that your family member is in good hands.


Respite care is available on a daily or weekly basis. Please call or visit our center to learn more. We encourage families to arrange respite schedules in advance whenever possible to ensure a reservation. Call the Orchard Park Health and Rehabilitation Center at 253-475-4611


"Last summer our family hosted a big reunion at the beach. We talked about bringing Grandpa, but because of his dementia and dialysis schedule, we realized it would be impossible. The respite program at Orchard Park Health and Rehabilitation Center was the perfect solution. They took wonderful care of Grandpa, and even arranged for an ambulance to pick him up and bring him home."
-- Kate C.

"If you're not a caregiver, you don't understand what it's like to be totally responsible for another human being, 24/7. The respite program at Orchard Park Health and Rehabilitation Center is a blessing. It's a safe, comfortable place where my wife can be cared for and secure for a weekend while I visit my grandson or take a trip."
--Jack G.